WordPress Story (part 20)

I walked for a mile just to clear my head for a while, trying to reconcile the fact that my balls went viral. Everyone knows that my balls are a size of a child’s, got me thinking suicidal; Living in denial… Trying to turn my frown into a smile , Told myself, small balls are in style… Sent […]

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She saw my picture of her on twitter; She replied with a coment so bitter and cold… She drew and posted a picture of my balls, she made them particularly small.. I was not going to brawl , wasn’t really mad at all… After all she noticed The size of my balls which called for […]



I had to admire her beauty and not to pursue her booty; To show that I admired her truly, I decided to make a drawing of my one and only… Slowly drawing her curvaceous figure got me feeling kind of frisky, I had to take a breather… Looked out the window, stared at her with eager; Studied her […]


WordPress story (part 17)

Weeks gone by, no response…. Need to find my second chance… Time for phase reconnaissance; Facebook…. had a quick glance… Oooh what a stance; Pictures of her radiance put me in a  sudden trance… Her Interests are in the arts of dance … She likes a man of importance, that shows dominance.   Need to get […]

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Heartbeat not settling… Feel the rhythm of adrenaline… Venom in my veins travelling… Body tensing , chest  venting… Sinking , slipping and falling… Look up at the ceiling, white light is what I’m seeing… Oh shit my soul is leaving…

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Visitors that visit us aren’t visible, visiting through invisible mediums with misleading visuals. Visitors are critical individuals, that are slowly becoming identical figures that are clickable. Say hello you invisible individual, let’s make a connection that’s visible and visual! Thanks for reading, peace love and respect

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The media

                      This post is not intended to cause any offense to anyone , peace love and respect.

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