water what what…☁

water slaughter daughter, so smooth so cold so soothing so soft and eloquent, rushing down you calming all you desires, then it ignites the fire only making you higher and higher till you reach a point of climax in each one of your desires…..then you stop for a second…. gasping for air and slowly you return back into a relaxed state of mind, it fills up all the gaps cleans all the shit that you have it empties you but also makes you full of nourishment and delight, innocent as a babies smile you glow and look vibrant like  all of a sudden you have awoken from the dead and you turn into a  beautiful red rose i suppose, i know that you know and we all know that everyone knows what im talking about when you take that first sip where the tongue meets the cooling soothing liquid, slowly gushing down your throat and putting you in a state of euphoria…this is known as drinking water moral of the story is that water is so hard to explain but yet so beautiful…. keep that tongue wet my people 



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