The man in a bikini (a perfect mess)

Let me tell you a story about a man in a bikini he was walking on white sand while whistling he did not know why he was wearing a bikini at the time, but he just was, he just accepted he had a bikini on and there’s nothing wrong with having sex with or without a condom on but come on let’s get back to the story……. So in front of him stood this girl…. there was this moment where they just stood there and glazed in each others eyes it was so intense like they were brain-dead they just stood there looking at each other, even though they were the totally opposite people; She wore; black leather pants and a leather bra half of her body was covered in tattoos and every-time you look into her tattoos they change its like each time they had a different meaning. She had a black guitar with a red rose carved into it, so red that it made even the strongest of hearts collapse….

and there she was this girl standing on the beach looking all emotional staring at this guy with a bikini on, They slowly took steps towards each other as if  each step was synchronised but not one second went by that they did not  lay their eyes off each other. These were two totally different people but  it was there differences that connected them together, together they were perfect….. a perfect mess…… Moral of the story is that its okay to be different just relax and be yourself


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