Piece of cake

Let me tell you a story about a piece of cake,  one day it was a whole cake, until all its other pieces were taken, the piece of cake felt sad :(, as it felt alone and needed its other pieces  to make it whole again, so the piece of cake went on searching for other pieces of cake that could fit in to the lonely piece of cake’s life, the piece of cake failed, trying to find all the right slices the right pieces of cake to make itself feel something, make it feel whole again. One day the piece of cake realized the truth…. all along that the piece of cake was just a piece of cake, but also a whole piece of cake by itself……the moral of the story is that sometimes we might feel that pieces are missing from our life and search for something or someone that could make us whole but the truth is that we are already whole… …strange, ugly and beautiful 🙂

I AM HUNGRY!!……i want some cake 😛


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