Morning toilet session….

It’s a new day, new things, new stories, new beginnings, new endings, new site new smells new taste new experiences  new laughter new pain… you…. Whether you’re a busy bee or a free bee, you should be grateful worries have come to an end and a new day has started, so hit the bathroom and have that special morning toilet session and let your mind run free for a while and cherish that moment that feeling. everyone should experience a nice warm sunny morning toilet session. You should always begin your day with a morning toilet session on a warm toilet seat and embrace it, the morning toilet session is all about you, it’s your privacy, your freedom and your special time……… I’m just tired of the saying new day same shit….so wake up, wake and bake and hit the toilet morning session my people, peace.


3 thoughts on “Morning toilet session….

  1. This actually makes me want to go to the toilet.

    BUT then….

    ———————— Flashback

    11:30 am

    I remember this morning,
    twas an early lunch lurkin,
    Gotta go…Gotta go,
    As I said to my bo,
    Tis can’t wait
    Don’t want to be late
    Need to release
    To find some peace
    Hot gas hot air
    I can no longer bear
    Gotta sit on the throne
    Like a morrocan like his BONE…
    WAit up…Hold UP
    Can’t do the WHOP UP
    Need to some smoke
    So got me some dope…
    At the least of my worries,
    My anal got to talkin,
    Release the brown shittin
    in my throne, I was makin
    Nice one – i uttered
    as i began…fluttered
    I remember tis mornin,
    how I got into tis shittin…
    PEACE – EARLY morning rap

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