On to the next one

On to the next one we move on and on and we forget that we are not meant to keep moving on and at some point we need to settle down as human beings were made for relationships, although its seems we don’t need it and we could just do with the sex but then life starts to become lonely we were meant to be in relationships from caveman time but slowly the media is desensitize us with sexual context and programming our minds so beware one day u may have all the pussy and all the dick u ever needed and you will end up lonely trying and hoping to feel something that you have felt a while back before all the nails have been hammered into your heart. The moral of the story is that the world is fucked up divorces are at a record breaking high….sometimes I ask my self is love dead or did ever exist because i’m losing the feeling that I once had……Fuck the Media that’s all I say and role another.


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