Randomness is not random at all

What makes random? random makes random but random makes sense and if random makes sense then its truly not random……..A not sober man said to a sober man, why are you holding a pink umbrella and the sober man thought it was a random question, the not sober man thought that a guy holding a pink umbrella was very random, So the sober man said that the pink umbrella belonged to his wife and he was holding it for his wife while she was making a phone call inside the car. Now  the not sober man made sense of the randomness and told the sober man that he thought he was gay and so the sober man made sense of the not sober man’s very random question so later that day the sober man found out he was really gay and usually loved holding his wife’s pink umbrella and his wife went with the not sober man and had crazy sex as the wife turned out that she hadn’t had sex in a very long time…….so the moral of the story is what’s truly random? Does random exist?…..maybe this post is totally random 😉


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