I just want to write(don’t read this)

I just wanted to write but I had nothing on my mind to write just the eager to write so I started to write, the first word that popped to my head was evil, and I wrote we can’t be good until we had been evil or we wouldn’t know the differences between evil and good, so from this I noticed that opposites are not really opposites to be good you have to be bad to be strong you have to be weak, to be clever you have to be dumb and so on, so to come to a conclusion on what I wrote is that it’s not pretty bad writing from top of my head, I started with nothing and ended up with something and there it is again another opposite to have something you got to have nothing, so to finish this totally useless post I just want to apologize if you are still reading to this point because this post was for me to write as much a I can without  stopping and so in that case I appreciate that you are still reading to this point. I want to leave you with a question and the question  is are we all evil? as we all must be evil to know whats good ?.. ..


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