The writing of my tears

I came to notice that each tear that has dropped from my eyes told a story, peices of emotion that could only be felt by the owner of the tears. A tear is so clear but it filled with emotion could be happiness, sadness or pain but our faces tells a different story when we are in tears, when someone tears up you assume the person is in a sad state but the truth is, a tear has many stories and this is a story about my tears it goes like this most of my tears are often sympathic tears; its almoast like i tear for others even though my tears may seem dry or invisible a tear can drop inside you and melt the most largest and toughest of hearts. So back to my tears, some of them are made up of pain, painful tears are the tears that you remember the most and you cant let go but those are the tears that help you grow, after all if there is no pain their is no gain.

One day i teared up but only one tear came out and dropped on the floor i just stared at the floor at the spot where my tear fell, it was a painful tear, i hurt my self bad but no one helped i couldnt ask anyone for help so i had to strugle in pain and walk back home, later that day it all made sense, there was one tear and one tear only and i was in pain and the only one in pain, and i made it all by myself home with no help, so the moral of the story is that dont rely on others rely on your self…..end of story



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