Story about an apple(Read at the expense of wasting your own time)

There once was a happy apple it met a banana and compared it self and the outcome was that the apple had won, the apple was more crunchy, more juicy and refreshing than the banana but one day it met an orange. It was a tough competition for the apple the orange was also refreshing but it did not have a crunch so it was a close call but the apple came on top. A few days later the  apple met a watermelon and the apple said “fuck me I have no chance of winning.” The watermelon was juicy, refreshing and also crunchy. It was bigger and looked better, but then he came to realize that karma had come to bite him in the ass because he made fun of the banana and the orange. Then he realized that even though the banana was the fruit with lowest chance to win,the banana got more pussy than all the fruits, the banana had a certain advantage as its own shape was kind of similar to the human penis; so lonely women used the banana more than any other fruit. The apple came to a conclusion that he was to busy worrying about other fruits and he forgot just to be an apple….So the moral of this story is that you don’t need to compare yourself to others just do your own thing, do what you love no matter how bad or good you are at doing it, so just do your thing and just be……

please excuse this random story about fruits but if anyone is wondering what fruit I chose, it was the mango  and if you are now wondering why the mango was not included in this stupid story it’s because I was busy eating the mango while watching the other fruits and writing this post at the same time…. Hope that I answered all your questions, if not please leave a comment below peace 🙂


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