Education is Fucked up!

We learn to smile, we learn to laugh, we learn to see and we learn to listen, we learn to cry, we learn to fight, we learn to do good and we learn to do bad, we learn to socialize we learn to have humor and we learn whats hot and whats not, we learn to feel,we learn whats real, we learn new things and we learn new things, we learn history,religions and culture, we learn how to fuck, we learn how to masturbate, we learn what we fear and we learn what we desire but most of all we learn how to find ourselves…i guess we learn a lot from TV question is what do we learn from the education we get some say all the education we truly get is from TV…….. The education system is falling apart where are all the teachers that teach and inspire us, now everything is all about the money.

No offense to teachers, it’s just the education system is getting fucked up


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