Silence vs nature vs humans

Sounds of human voices, Hate, shout, cry, scream, funny noises ugly noises, death-defying noises, sexual noises, boring noises, annoying noises, exciting noises, calm noises………….noises of nature, natural noises, natural noises, natural noises, natural noises……….sound of silence,  nothing, nothing and some more nothing……so the moral of the story is that which one you would you prefer? Sound of nothing sounds of nature over and over again or  sounds of everything?……….

I wrote this as I was watching a movie kinda boring movie to be honest with you, then the movie came to an end and then there was a moment of silence well it was a long moment as I was lazy to put on another movie; after the fairly long moment of silence I got bored.I just wanted to hear some one speak suddenly it started to rain hard, the sound was soothing calming and relaxing but after a minute or 2 again,I got bored so I put on a movie and just listing to someone speak was good it felt like something was missing. In my mind I had a little battle of which i’d prefer and I came to a conclusion that sounds of human voices is my preferred choice…….whats your choice?………


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