Operation (manipulation)

So another post another half-dollar, mesmerize or memorize thease words that i will tell you, but first you have to carry on reading this post and then the words will unveil themselves to you;  either you will be mesmerized or you will memorize the words.  By the way im not complaining im just stating the facts of life the topic is manipulation the conclusion I found that humans were designed to be manipulated you may say manipulated how?, but let me tell you how I came to this particular conclusion. So back to the topic of manipulation we manipulate because its our way of life, our way to get what we want you may think like what things will someone manipulate to get what he or she wants? an example would be  motivation, motivation  is away of manipulating the mind to get what we want; there are good and bad kinds of manipulation, I call the good kind of manipulation ( white manipulation) like a white lie, for example the little things we do that can change the consequences for example being nice someone to make a blind eye, being nice someone to not give you a hard time, being nice to someone to get a number, being nice someone to get a promotion, being nice to someone to get a lil extra something 😉 Being nice to someone to get a helpin hand, being nice to someone to get them on your side

……..There are bad ways of manipulation and I guess u know the bad forms of manipulation but if you don’t know ill give you an example, an example would be blackmail, so the differences between the two are that one kind of manipulation goes unnoticed and we accept it and the other kind is noticeable but we don’t accept it. Remember that manipulation comes in all forms  motivation, persuasion, aspiration, influencing are all forms of manipulation so the question to be asked is how much manipulation do we notice and how much manipulation do we apply  ?? We are easily manipulated and also easily can manipulate…..manipulation is that all we are?….are we just manipulating beings trying to get by?, is manipulation a big part of our lifes?, is manipulation ethical or unethical?….anyways fuck it that’s for you to answer; I just wanted to state it ,peace and thanks for  reading……..

and if you were wondering what are the words that should unveil themselves and make you mesmerized or memorize them then sorry to let you down I was doing a little experiment, seeing if I can creativity and a formal subject matter and mash them up together whether the creative part at the start of the post would engage the reader to read the formal boring part of the post….manipulation


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