Welcome to my subconscious

I will let my subconscious talk to you and if you say how are you able to let your subconscious speak for you, well the answer is that i’m under the influence of natural substances………

i feel like “FUCK YOU! Right now”,

I’m in a confused state i’m in a grey area of endless grey clouds and my anger is toward the grey clouds, i’m trying to punch my way through these fucking grey clouds until i find a happy place where there is no clouds, just a clear blue sky and sunshine.

There are things holding me back keeping me in this grey area, its like strings that i know i need to cut loose but i just cant, handcuffs that i need to break but i just cant……so now I’m in a grey area, shall i just settle down? and make this grey area  a happy place, a place of comfort. At least some people wont get hurt, the cost of cutting the strings is that someone will get hurt, but aren’t lose ends meant to be cut off?….the problem is that i have a white heart and i’ll end it at that…….peace


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