Wishful thinking

I wish to wish to not to wish any wishes, why, because all wishes lead to a devastating end, as every action has it’s consequences that’s why wishes are not real and will never exist.

Sorry to destroy anyone’s hope or upset anyone that believes in wishes, face the sad facts that wishes are not true and if they are then they are just gonna lead to a bad ending because people are greedy angry and selfish, if you say some people deserve wishes then i say yes,  but there is a but and the but is that sometimes shit is just meant to be so let it be, but if you believe in wishes then keep on believing i’m not against believing and hoping.

At the end of the day things come to an end and that’s everything and anything that exist in this world do we need wishes?… I say no because you will end up wanting more wishes, just one more you might say and this will lead into another wish and into another….as people we get addicted and obsessed with crazy things from drugs to material things, from people to objects then time flies by and things come to an end…..

the moral to this wish story is that if things are not meant to be then they’re just not meant to be don’t beat yourself up move on and live happily with yourself, even if you’re a criminal, a whore, or a liar, a good, person or a murderer at the end of the day….. time will be up for you….die “being” and not die “chasing” something that’s not meant to be…..end of story…..

This post is not meant to offend anyone if it does then apology from my behalf…peace


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