Damn just relax…

Lazy times are good times even when your not doing anything productive,its  a chance to sit back relax and reflect…..being lazy is good i guess,  some people need to learn how to relax and chill take a deep breath and reflect; think about what you got to do next if its simple or complex just relax relax relax…….

everybody needs their lazy day, a day to switch off and unload and enjoy “you” time and only “you” time. Do what you want to do….. eat what you what you want to eat….. watch what you want to watch, do not feel guilty for pleasing yourself.

one day you may miss your lazy times so enjoy them while they last and relax relax relax…..

whats the worst that could happen some people may say you cant freeze time and there is no time to be lazy, some people may say time is money and there are some people that cant kick back and relax; they don’t know how to let loose.

the woman that looks she needs to get fucked hard, the guy who needs to get laid, the sexist that hates men or women, the gay guy that’s out spoken and in your face all the time, the arrogant prick that’s shows off all the time, the old person that watches his garden for kids fucking up his garden, the perfectionists that don’t rest, the mean business women that needs a good seeing(aka dick) , the wife that cheats on her husband or the husband that cheats on his wife.

if your one of these people listen to what i’m going to tell you, put a movie on get some munchies, kick back and roll a joint and relax relax relax…….

just advise  peace…..i’m off to relax my bones


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