weekly lyrical mash-up — part 001

I was thinkin’ it would make life better
Instead I’m sitting in this cell writin’ this letter
Thought I wouldn’t get caught cause I was way too clever
I’m singing around my empty room
Trying to find a piece of you
Calling your name but your not here
Why did you sliped away……..Ran across a picture you took of me and it got me thinkin’
‘Bout how we used to be, it was just you and me
Still hear you say you love me, put no one else above me
But that was back then, now you’re just a memory.
Yo just think if you could rewind time
And start your life all over again
What would you give and what would you keep?

lyrical mash-up is a weekly post where i get lyrics from different songs and mix the words together…

Song list:

Snoop Lion (feat. Akon) – Tired of Running


Marques Huston- circle


Mase – from scratch





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