Piece of my mind (the stitch up edition)

Okay lets open my mind access the right side only to find a bunch words floating around, okay lets unravel these words let see what they say,I found one sentence I am horny…..not suprised after all im a guy okay lets look for something else…aparantly im hungry soul food is what I need  lets  go deeper and decode my brain…..im a very good liar, lied a lot in my past and I’m still doing it ,sorry it was me who took the last piece  of cake…..oooh ohhh I found some secrets haha pretend to have a girl friend to attract other girls, what a loser….ahh the angry part of my brain hello and sorry to all the people I hurt ok lets move on deeper to see  what made me…….

All that I say now may get forgotten later and all the forgotten might be remembered later to day I may seem a trator but later I might be able to date ya or your sister because im that mister that transits and twist ya thoughts with bull shit…but It works….

Pen to the paper, paper to the pen finger to keyboard, keyboard to the fingers ad I type as I write I find my self lost in wind…

sitting here with the sunshine on my head thinking on what to do next, then I realized what is there to think About? the sun is shining the weather is sweet, I asked my self a question, is it just  me or the sun makes you happy I was in miserable state of mind but when I realized the sun was out I just unloaded the unloaded and chilled, my mind was clear……appreciate the sun it’s going to die soon………

Piece of my mind stitch up edition where pieces of my thoughts have been stitched up together

Piece of my mind is a weekly post where I write straight off the top of my head non stop and when I stop I have to publish it as it is……peace


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