The bullshit theory

There was a man, a lonely man he told himself “why can’t I have a relationship or get laid?”….he did not know what he was doing wrong, he was a truthful and a honest man; when ever he spoke to women he was himself and spoke the truth…..but this got him No where.

so one day he came up with an idea, the idea was that the next time he  would aproach a women he would just become another person make a crazy story and see how it goes…..the stories were outragesly crazy and anyone would know they were all lies but funnily he had success with a couple of women but not all women.

He tweaked his idea to that he  told more realistic stories but they were still lies, once again there was success but only with some women but not all women and that what drove him crazy.

for years and years he experimented with women but got no where so he came to a conclusion that women respond to bullshit, women know guys want sex but only would give it up if the man says the right amount of bullshit so thats how the bullshit theory was born

Try the bullshit theory its free and will gaurantee you success…….before you try it just to let you know in not responsobe for anything use it wisely

are relationships  based on bullshit?…..truth hurts


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