A true story about the Munchies

I’m sitting down at a restaurant minding my own business, I look up ad there she was an unforgettable brunette with incredible legs but my mind was set on something else, I walked over cool, calm and collective.i sat down in-front of her at her table, did not say a word, just gazed deep into her eyes and looked into her soul.

she was freaked out, she did not know what was going on but she never took her eyes off me, this was just a small part of a bigger image, she did not know i was high and on the munchies, while I was staring into her eye my hands were busy.

slowly sliding her plate of steak towards me without attracting too much attention; I told you I had my mind-set on something else.

if you are wondering what happened next, i got caught with her steak in my mouth…..she was not happy about that so i quickly ran out……..

you cant have your steak and it too, its been tested.



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