Relationship advise from a stoner

One day, i was horny, did not get any action in a long time, i could hump anything i saw. the problem was that i was not good with women, somehow i just piss off women by speaking the truth( i  know truth hurts)….so i said to my self fuck it I’m gonna get HIGH…..that night i went to a bar first thing i did when i got to the bar was to speak to the hottest available women….first thing that came out my mouth was the classical cheesy line ” I’m not like the other guys” but hold on that’s not all, this is what i said ” I’m not like the other guys i don’t want you to suck my dick, i just want to lick your pussy like it never been licked before here’s my phone number give me a call”, then i left, i didn’t know what really just happen i was high so i said fuck it… minute i know the girl sent me a cheeky text “let’s get out of here”……

now you may think where is the advise, well the advise is: speak your mind 

The above story and advise is not guaranteed to work in any given situation, if you do want to try it out please be warned you may get slapped….

peace love and harmony


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