Weekly lyrical mash-up part 004

Damn I love the way your shining
Oh girl a true definition of a diamond
You make me wanna give you twins
I’m at the door baby please let me in
Good God you got me feinin
Da coco butta got dat sexy body glemin’
And I only need it one time
And for sure you’ll be back more than one time.

Remember when the first day when I met you
I looked in your eyes
That’s when I truley knew
Could not say a thing cuz I felt the same
I didn’t even know your name
But I already claimed ya
You were so nexcellent
Magnificent (Magnificent)
So eloquent (So eloquent)
You must have been heaven sent
You were so marvelous (Marvelous)
So damn mysterious (Mysterious)
Got me delirious (Delirious)
Make me wanna get serious, oh
So turn off the lights, oh
Girl, you’re beautiful
And you remind me of a diamond the way you shine
You know that I wanna make you mine
So come home with me for eternity.

Suddenly my sunshine turn to rain
I dunno if it’ll ever come back again
That’s what you are sunshine and rain, From the first time that we met,Helpless You took my heart I must confess
Deep in your eyes
There seemed to be a look that said
Hello, is it me you’re searching for?

lyrical mash-up is a weekly post where i get lyrics from different songs and mix the words together…

Track list:

Ky-Mani Marley – One Time

Next – When We Kiss

Joe – Good Girls


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