I’m grey like a puff of smoke

I’m not a bad breed, I’m not a good breed, I’m not white, I’m not black I’m grey like smoke floating somewhere in the middle. I have a white heart and a black mind, mix them together i turn out grey, any given situation i think grey….

you may think hey how do you think grey so let me explain, i inhale the love and exhale the hate I’m in a state of mind where it’s neither love or  hate yes i believe in fate and i live life in a balanced state so this way i don’t over exaggerate doing things in a normal pace heart rate beating at its normal  pace anyways i like to smoke haze on sunny days…….

shshshshhshshhshit I’m high as a kite I’m in flight and I’m looking for something tight, not pussy but something to bite……peace love and respect


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