Bottle bottle bottle floating in an ocean inside an empty bottle wondering how I ended up at the bottom of this bottle. Let me tell you something about my bottle, it has many names “Baileys” to “Jack Daniel’s”.

My life is at full throttle at the top of the bottle, popping bottles with models with bodies like bottles.

Gulping my way down the bottle, my eyes get blurry and my emotions are heightened. A smile on my face turns to a frown as i drown my way down the bottle.

My emotions are in battle, i need to find someone who I can rattle, a girl who can jump on my saddles, sorry good girls I’m looking for a vandal.

She stood there all in red with a coca cola bottle frame, don’t really know her name, couldn’t  really see her face, i just wanted a little taste.

Sticking my sickening nozzle in her bottle, without any strings attached.  I approach her like a roaring lion, words crying out of my mouth but I’m really trying to make sense…fuck it don’t really know what I’m saying.

Back to my bottle, drinking my way down. Trying to shake things offs feeling kind of heavy, feeling kind of hungry, feeling kind of lonely and feeling kind of empty.

My bottle is half full and feel kind of awful, totally lost my vision don’t know whether my bottle is half empty or half full?.

Sucking on the very last drop as I reach to the bottom of my bottle, when all conversations have come to an end and when all my bodily functions come to a standstill….. It’s when I wake up with nothing, just an empty feeling.

At the bottom of the bottle surrounded by glass walls, feeling empty as the bottle itself, I question myself; how would life be outside the bottle?…

Would I be able to feel again?…

Would I be able to wake up with a beautiful woman every morning and run my fingers through her hair, while I stare gently into her eyes?…

Would I be able to take walks and feel the cold breeze of the wind blow into my face and the warmth of the sun shining on me?…

So I wonder how life differs outside the bottle at least inside the bottle I have these glass walls protecting me from the bullshit that life throws at me, my bottle will never leave me unlike some people have done in the past…..


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