Next victim

He scans the room and makes eye contact, he locks eyes with his next victim.

Reading their facial expressions in a split second, he moves towards them with ease and whispers to them in their ears.

He listens when nobody listens and he talks when no body talks, asking question after question as he feeds off your information.

He finds what makes you tick he pushes all your right buttons and he makes himself welcome and leaves without saying a word…..

You wake up feeling confused, eager to know why he left you….. until you find out you were just another victim that he stuck his dick in.

He is human , he feels guilt so he texts you the next day with a compliment.

Now your wounds are healed and his guilt has disspeared, he is ready for his next victim


3 thoughts on “Next victim

  1. Chuckling and reading. Nice work. One day, he won’t be able to pull as vigorously as he has always done. Then he won’t have anything meaningful in his life. x

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