Behind closed curtains of personality

As i open the closed curtains of personality hoping to find out what is fake and what is reality, maybe i’m losing my mentality…

I am sure many have many curtains so i’m not certain on my judgments but i will keep on opening these motherfucking curtains because i’m certain that these people are carrying a heavy burden and hurting underneath all these curtains that why i’m searching for a real person.

Have we been taught wrong to look for someone with a good personality? What happens when the curtains open and the true self reveals its self ?

Peace love and respect thanks for reading  


5 thoughts on “Behind closed curtains of personality

    1. Your concept is definitely interesting, ….. Personality comes from the word persona meaning mask a lot of people have many masks which they hide under ……maybe their true selfs could be black white or Gray , or a mixture of colours

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