He knew his addictions; Cocaine on the table, meaningless sex under the table , midnight blunts smoking until his eyes bled. He had control over all his addictions knowing that he could stop whenever he wanted to.

There was this new drug that he never tried or he thought he had tried but he never experienced the full effect; he tried it before and never got addicted to it, so he decided to take a hit.

This time it was different, he tried to shake it off but he couldn’t; he could not sleep eat or drink. the only thing that was on his mind was taking another hit.

He never felt an addiction like this before, so he tried to stop thinking about it and the only way he knew how to do that was to become numb, after couple of hours of smoking and drinking he thought he escaped his new addiction.

His mind was empty for just a split second and just in a split second that addiction that he was trying to forget came storming into his empty mind filling up every single brain cell and flooding all his veins.

This drug was different, this drug was free, this drug gave everlasting highs, this drug was scarce and hard to find; This drug is called love…

love is a drug…….use it!

Thanks for reading, peace love and respect.


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