WordPress story (part 4)

After a couple of hours reading About Casanova, I came up with a plan and the plan was not to make her fall in love with me but to make her think that I have fallen in love with her…

Before I can make her think that i am in love with her i needed to do some research, after all I do not know a lot about this girl i just knew that she looked angelic and had nipples that glistened.  it was time for operation “Googling around”…

I just couldn’t do the research it just made me feel dirty , I saw my reflection on the computer screen and I said to myself “what are you doing, you sad son of a bitch”

In a depressed state of mind, I needed to cheer myself up so I went on one of my favourite porn sites (I’m such a Casanova)…

To be continued…

WordPress story (part 3)


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