The word of the day: Astray

Are we all led astray by the media, by the lust of money, by power, by egos, by desire, by leaders, by the evil whisperers, by the envious souls and by the system.

Following celebrities, following, politics, following fashion, following stock markets, following trends does the following end?

They all have one thing in common which is the lust for money but we still keep following even most of us don’t even make a penny…

Education is not working, no jobs that’s for certain, graduates be hurting, girls turning to twerking, boys be hustling, juggling jobs that they’re hating…

Is the system broke? or is it really working?  they got us hating, operating from a place of fear and anger slowly killing the minorities like cancer, are we led astray what’s your answer?

lets love each other , lets operate from a place of love and peace and rise as the people

Thanks for reading, may peace be upon you





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