WordPress story (part 14)

Woke up feeling like death had hit me with an uppercut to the chest, my face planted in a pair of breasts,  last night was a mess , about 5% of the memories I possess but can’t really remember the rest,  life has become a questionable test… I  took a hit off my bong and […]

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WordPress story (part 13)

I Waved my hands in the air , telling her to come over here , she disappeared out of nowhere, maybe she was scared… I was faded and didn’t really care… Moving around the dance floor like a horny bear; I grabbed a girl by her hair and gave her the drunken love stare; she […]

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WordPress story (part 12)

The bouncer allowed me in… I needed alcohol in my system for that drunken wisdom. I told the bartender to listen , I’m a man on a mission; Give me a drink that’s doesn’t make you overthink, something that doesn’t make your dick shrink ; put in a glass so I can clink with other […]

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Seriously high

Got so high wanted to end my life, not even lying; All I see on tv is making me cry and sending me to a state of depression… Everything becomes questions, that’s why i have these never-ending marijuana sessions; Which pauses the pain that’s under my chest, Like a bulletproof vest that’s stops the emotional […]

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WordPress story (part 11)

It was dark and I could see her walking in the distance, her aura shining bright like the northern star… I hopped into my car and i followed her from afar… She went into a bar named raving radar; On entry you had to reveal a scar which I found very bizarre… The bouncer looked ridiculously […]

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WordPress story (part 10)

She struck my heart like thunder, I slapped myself to snap myself out of the hypnotic spell she put me under. My mind was spinning like a blender… Her lips were so tender , they deserved a compliment but I didn’t want to offend her, i am a contender so i can’t really surrender…. I […]

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WordPress story (part 9)

After the phone fight, i went outside for smoke; I needed a change of scene. I was on the lookout for her, my eyes were focused like a laser beam… Out of nowhere she walked past by me, looking so fresh and so clean…. Instantly I drifted into an endless love stream, my whole world […]

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