Mankind is in loss

Indeed mankind is in loss You’re not in loss if you have done righteous Everyone knows what is wrong and what right is Despite this you advise them to take the right path where the light is You’re not in loss if you speak the truth Advise the youth Truth may hurt but your heart will sooth […]

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The evil retreating whisperer

Who are you Mr. sinister? The evil retreating whisperer Whispering sinisterly into my ears Drying up all my tears Disguising all my fears Day after day, year after year  Trying to stay sincere  Nowhere am I near… The evil retreating whisperer keeps on whispering Poisoning my heart kick starting my ego Got me chasing my […]

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The pain keeper

The pain keeper, keeps your pain, keeps you sane, keeps you from falling down the drain and puts you in the right lane… The pain keeper’s heart is full of tears so you don’t live in fear, heart full of scars so you can shine like a star and let the world know how beautiful […]

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WordPress story (part 15)

I Needed to craft the perfect text, something to keep her waiting for the next, I started off by saying “we really never met, I want to be with you every sunrise to sunset and when the sun sets we can make a beautiful silhouette, answer all your requests, breakfast in bed with eggs, coffee […]

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WordPress story (part 14)

Woke up feeling like death had hit me with an uppercut to the chest, my face planted in a pair of breasts,  last night was a mess , about 5% of the memories I possess but can’t really remember the rest,  life has become a questionable test… I  took a hit off my bong and […]

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WordPress story (part 13)

I Waved my hands in the air , telling her to come over here , she disappeared out of nowhere, maybe she was scared… I was faded and didn’t really care… Moving around the dance floor like a horny bear; I grabbed a girl by her hair and gave her the drunken love stare; she […]

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